When should you teach cursive ...

Monica DengoChildren learn to read gradually by processing increasingly larger language units, progressing from single letters or digraphs to syllables, consonant and vowel clusters, morphemes and finally to complete word recognition. Read more ... »

Lines, squares or white space?

Monica DengoIn our everyday lives, at work or at school, we nearly always write on paper or notebooks which can be of various types, according to our needs and purposes.Read more … »

Learning to write: brief history

Monica DengoThe handwriting model illustrated on this site originates with Renaissance writing. For the sake of simplicity it can be divided into two types: the humanistic minuscule which gave use our unconnected Roman small case letters ...Read more ... »


Monica DengoI think it is essential to bear in mind that writing is unavoidably an image and, as such, it always communicates visual emotions. If the word STOP, which we read at crossroads, , were printed in fancy Italic letters instead of rigid...
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Writing implements and grips.

Monica DengoSuggesting the ideal pen or pencil that suits everyone is just as impossible as suggesting the perfect shoe that comfortably fits all feet. Read more ... »